probunkers will be the Premier Global physical bunker supplier for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), with a physical presence in 7 major bunkering hubs across the globe.
Our project offers an ideal investment opportunity to investors who believe in the fundamental and dynamic business sectors of Shipping and Energy.

probunkers will contribute to the development of LNG marine infrastructure by providing premier and reliable LNG bunkering services…

Being active in the shipping and energy industries, we have a vast variety of stakeholders who are affected by or can affect our business…

Corporate Governance is a corner stone of our business philosophy.  For the long-term success of our company, the Board of Directors…


The probunkers project aims to contribute to the development of LNG marine infrastructure. It involves a total investment of $400 million based on a 10 year plan. The company plans to be fully operational within 2024.

Shipping is one of the main drivers of the global economy.
The Energy Industry is a crucial part of the global infrastructure…

probunkers will design, build and operate a fleet of modern, eco-friendly LNG bunkering vessels to brace the ever-changing needs of global shipping…


We intend to answer in advance any questions you may have on this exciting project; you can always contact us for more information…


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